LNG worker at the plant

Liquified Natural GasHigh Availability

  • “Two-trains-in-one” configuration yields approximately 95% plant availability, with high efficiency during turndown

Proven Technology

  • Nearly 50 years of operation
  • 26 trains producing more than 105 MTPA at 12 plants
  • Designed and built plants with broad range of ambient temperatures and feed compositions
  • Low equipment count

Flexible Operations

  • Easy to start up, shut down, operate and maintain, with fast startup cycles
    and wide operating range
  • Cold boxes retain cold temperatures during extended outages, which translate into faster startup cycles
  • Widest range of plant turndown capability (from 100% to 10% of nameplate capacity)
  • Shifting load between refrigeration circuits allows for quick response to changes in operating conditions

High Thermal Efficiency and Low Emissions

  • Use of brazed aluminum heat exchangers, aeroderivative gas turbines, and waste heat recovery integration, yields up to 96% LNG facility thermal efficiency and lower emissions
  • Refrigerants retained in process and not flared during shutdowns

Integrated Design Operations

  • Improve overall LNG plant efficiency and economics with integrated heavies removal and/or nitrogen rejection units
  • Increase LNG production and efficiency with:
    – Gas turbine power augmentation (inlet air chilling or humidification, water injection, etc.)
    – Gas and flashing liquid expanders
    – Combined cycle/cogeneration