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ConocoPhillips Liquified Natrual GasWith more than five decades of proven LNG technology as its foundation, ConocoPhillips has licensed its innovative Optimized Cascade process for use in 26 LNG trains around the world. By 2021, LNG plants utilizing the Optimized Cascade process expect to have a total global installed production capacity in excess of 105 million tonnes per annum (MTPA), making ConocoPhillips the world's second largest LNG liquefaction process technology provider.*

From plant design to startup and ongoing operations support, our technology and expertise continue to deliver the highest standard of LNG facility performance. When LNG project owners select the Optimized Cascade process, ConocoPhillips’ proven track record and experienced team provide management boards and financial lenders with confidence that the right choice for liquefaction technology has been made.

EPC Contractor Options

ConocoPhillips has a flexible multi-contractor licensing approach, offering our clients strong technical support and their selected experienced LNG project contractor(s) a comprehensive Licensing Design Package tailored to our clients’ requirements. Our team of engineers, operators and subject matter experts can help both operators and contractors solve problems and maximize value over the lifetime of the facility.

At ConocoPhillips, we know that getting involved early in the life of a project plays an important role in driving a project’s success. Being there at the start helps us to proactively collaborate with you and your EPC contractor through all the project phases to help you meet your requirements. As in any good relationship, communication is very important. The results can lower costs, shorten schedules, and assist you in achieving everything you set out to do with your project, with the quality you deserve.

 Optimized Cascade® is a registered trademark of ConocoPhillips Company in the United States and certain other countries.

LNG Technology

ConocoPhillips owns and licenses the Optimized Cascade® technology for liquefying natural gas. This technology was first adopted by the Kenai LNG plant that started operation in 1969.

LNG Licensed Projects

​The ConocoPhillips Optimized Cascade® Process is licensed and used in plants located throughout the world.

LNG Equity Projects

ConocoPhillips has equity ownership in the following LNG liquefaction and regasification facilities.


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About LNG

Natural gas is a vital component of the world’s energy supply. It is a clean, safe, and useful energy source for fueling homes and industries.