LNG Technology

ConocoPhillips Liquified Natural GasThis technology was first adopted by the Kenai LNG plant that started operation in 1969. With nearly 50 years of LNG plant operating experience and cutting-edge technology improvements, ConocoPhillips continues to provide cost effective, high-value natural gas liquefaction solutions. Since Kenai, the Optimized Cascade process has been licensed by owners of 25 additional LNG trains. 

Optimized Cascade® is a registered trademark of ConocoPhillips Company in the United States and certain other countries.

Optimized CascadeĀ® Process

The ConocoPhillips Optimized CascadeĀ® process includes proprietary technology necessary to efficiently and effectively liquefy natural gas, while recovering heavier hydrocarbons as a separate product (prevents freezing), and removing nitrogen, if required.

Optimized Cascade Process Advantages

Find out the many advantages of the Optimized Cascade Process.