Expert in the field

ConocoPhillips Liquified Natrual GasEvery aspect of our Optimized Cascade technology and services offering draws from our experience of designing, building and most importantly, operating our own LNG plants. We have owned and operated LNG facilities based on the
Optimized Cascade process for nearly fifty years. Our technical capability and experience enables us to uniquely support our clients. They depend on our proven Optimized Cascade process and expertise, so we treat their LNG facilities around the world the same way we own and operate ours.

When you choose the Optimized Cascade process, you get more than just a technology license. You get peace of mind from working with an international operator of major energy facilities and a leader in every aspect of the LNG value chain, from exploration and production to liquefaction, shipping, regasification and marketing. ConocoPhillips LNG licensing and engineering teams work side by side with you to ensure successful project development and implementation. And, our relationship does not stop there. After plant handover, ConocoPhillips’ subject matter experts are available to assist you with your needs in process optimization, troubleshooting, debottlenecking, or consulting on day to day operational and technical issues.

Technical Services

In addition to providing world-class performance and continually innovating to provide you with the best liquefaction technology, we bring value to you even after startup of an operating plant. Our technical capability and depth of experience in operating and supporting our own facilities enables us to provide experienced engineers and operators to assist in meeting your plant’s most challenging technical and operational needs to improve plant performance. As an Owner/Operator, we understand how important the commissioning, startup and early operations phases can be to your value proposition.

As well as providing technical and operations advisory services, we host technology conferences where we bring together licensees and our subject matter experts to exchange best practices and stay abreast of new developments regarding the Optimized Cascade process. As part of each new plant build, we offer our licensees operations and engineering training by our subject matter experts covering the key aspects of their LNG plant operation.

Optimized Cascade® is a registered trademark of ConocoPhillips Company in the United States and certain other countries.