ConocoPhillips LNG Licensing

Global LNG Collaboration

LNG Technology

Optimized Cascade ProcessConocoPhillips and Marathon Oil contracted with Bechtel to construct the first natural gas liquefaction plant based on a new and innovative liquefaction process, the ConocoPhillips Optimized Cascade process. The result was the Kenai, Alaska LNG facility, which began operation in 1969.

ConocoPhillips’ initial intent was to use the technology exclusively on its own equity projects. However, in the mid-1990s, Atlantic LNG sought to build a low-cost, yet reliable, single train LNG facility. After completing a competitively bid front-end engineering design (FEED), with ConocoPhillips’ support, Bechtel won the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract, resulting in the first externally licensed application of the Optimized Cascade process and the next opportunity for ConocoPhillips and Bechtel to work together in the field of natural gas liquefaction.

As a result of this achievement, ConocoPhillips and Bechtel formed a Global LNG Collaboration (the “Collaboration”) in 1998 to capitalize on ConocoPhillips’ LNG technology and operations expertise and Bechtel’s world-class design and project execution know-how of LNG facilities. Since then, the Collaboration has become a leading player in the LNG industry with a reputation for building efficient LNG plants on schedule and at a competitive cost.

Our Team

The Collaboration offers customers a world renowned team of skilled professionals. We have integrated teams of LNG technology and EPC experts who are devoted solely to the development of the design and optimization of LNG projects using  the Optimized Cascade process. These experienced teams have worked together for years on a variety of projects around the globe, continuously improving designs and incorporating lessons learned from previous projects. The continuity of the Collaboration team is one of the keys to the Collaboration’s overwhelming success. 

Bechtel’s Extraordinary Capabilities

When innovative design solutions, execution excellence, and superior value in all phases of a gas project are needed, the industry looks to Bechtel to achieve these goals. Whether building complex projects in remote locations under difficult conditions, supporting customers in arranging international financing, or tackling complicated logistics, Bechtel provides customers with cost and schedule savings breakthroughs. Bechtel is unique among EPC contractors because of its vast ability to design and direct construct multiple LNG projects simultaneously. This is most recently demonstrated by concurrently executing six LNG mega-projects:

  • two-train Queensland Curtis LNG project (Queensland, Australia)
  • two-train Gladstone LNG project (Queensland, Australia)
  • two-train Australia Pacific LNG project (Queensland, Australia)
  • two-train Wheatstone LNG project (Western Australia)
  • five-train Sabine Pass Liquefaction project (U.S. Gulf Coast)
  • two-train Corpus Christi Liquefaction project (U.S. Gulf Coast)

Most Bechtel LNG projects are constructed under lump sum turnkey contracts. Bechtel’s unique approach to modularization, combined with its unprecedented worldwide resources to support construction, facilitates predictable outcomes. Project owners know they can depend on Bechtel to deliver.