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Australian operational focus leads to successful GLNG performance (March 2017)

LNG Brochure (March 2016)

LNG Quick Reference Card (March 2017)

LNG Advertisement (July 2017)

How Sensitive is Your Treating Plant to Operating Conditions
(March 2014) This paper analyzes why small changes in operating conditions can result in correspondingly large variations in the performance of a Piperazine activated CO2 removal system and therefore why it is important to provide an adequate design margin in pumps, heat transfer equipment, and columns. The analysis is done via the rate-base simulations performed in ProTreat®.

A Tale of Two Sieves
(July 2011) This article presents the detailed study results of the Kenai LNG sieve system and tells a tale of two sieve systems, past and present, to recapture some of the wisdom lost with the leap into the information age.

Aeroderivative Gas Turbines for LNG Liquefaction Plants
(June 2009) This paper covers the importance of thermal efficiency in base load LNG liquefaction facilities and delineate the underlying factors as to why it is becoming more important today.