ConocoPhillips LNG Licensing

What We Do


Optimized Cascade ProcessAs worldwide energy demand continues to grow, the ConocoPhillips Optimized Cascade® process is well positioned to be your gas liquefaction technology of choice.

With more than 5 decades of proven LNG technology as its foundation, ConocoPhillips has licensed its innovative Optimized Cascade process for use in 25 LNG trains around the world. By 2020, LNG plants utilizing the Optimized Cascade process expect to have a total global installed production capacity in excess of 100 MTPA, making ConocoPhillips one of the world’s largest LNG liquefaction process technology providers.*

From plant design to startup and ongoing operations support, our technology and expertise continue to deliver the highest standard of LNG facility performance. When LNG project owners select the Optimized Cascade process, ConocoPhillips’ proven track record and experienced team provide management boards and financial lenders with confidence that the right choice for liquefaction technology has been made.


Optimized Cascade® is a registered trademark of ConocoPhillips Company in the United States and certain other countries.